Hello and thank you for stopping by! Here you can find some of the reflections and ideas of a true language-teacher geek and planning addict. What I lack in experience I (try to) make up for with my enthusiasm about MFL pedagogy and slight obsession with planning/organisation. I love learning about evidence-informed activities, planning ideas and general classroom hacks for empowering teenagers to become thriving linguists.

This blog is a place for me to share my personal highlights of what are essentially my own notes and reflections as I learn from other teachers, books, CPD, the internet, and experience. I am not claiming many of these ideas as my own, I just enjoy compiling and sharing information. I owe so much of my philosophy and methodology so far to many inspiring MFL teachers – you are really missing out if you haven’t already checked out the amazing Steve Smith, who I was privileged enough to have as my PGCE tutor, the wonderful Gianfranco Conti of The Language Gym, Barry Smith formerly of Michaela School, and Katie Lockett for her inspiring CPD.

I am always producing resources for French and Spanish and have just begun uploading them to my TES shop, you might find something that will save you some planning time: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/Eclaire13

Please note: As I have mentioned, I owe a lot of my methods and the ‘ideas’ on here to other teachers or resources I’ve seen online. I will endeavour to always provide credit to those whose work I am mentioning in posts, but also strongly welcome any messages to alert me to anything where you have reason to believe improper use has been made of your own work, or you would like me to remove such material.

Get in touch by leaving a comment below, or contact me via Twitter @EClaireMFL

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