As a teacher of French and Spanish, I can recommend the following sites that I have found useful – they offer a mixture of intermediate and advanced level listening practice. Some provide comprehension activities or transcripts. Some are also subscription sites but they offer a certain number of free activities. They can be used:

1. To find appropriate audio extracts around which to create a comprehension worksheet or online quiz adapted to your students’ needs

2. To recommend links to students for independent listening practice eg. during revision season

Please add your own suggestions to the comments section!


Apprendre – TV5 Monde

To Learn French – dialogues

To Learn French – dictations

Le Point du FLE

French Resources

Lawless French

French Kwiziq

EasyFrench YouTube Channel

Lyrics Training

Audio Lingua

Coffee Break French Podcast


1 jour 1 actu

Linguo TV

News in slow French


Conjuguemos Tube

Ver Taal

Spanish Kwiziq

Audio Lingua

Spanish Listening

EasySpanish YouTube Channel

Spanish Pod 101

Gritty Spanish

Lyrics Training

Lingq Spanish

News in slow Spanish

123 Teach Me

Notes in Spanish

Spanish Proficiency Exercises


Radio Lingua

Please add any of your own recommendations in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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